By: Eros

Roger Briere


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Our young luminous, almost transparent model holding up the stone wing 

is in a state of quiet pause 

A transition is in play 

A departure

He is quietly considering his passage into the spirit world 

He is at ease 

Perhaps soon such wings will be his 

should he transition into an angel

For now 

The moment is whole and good 

There's no urgency for anything beyond the lightness of being 

Oh Boyfriend 

This is our room

This is our window 

Let us be content to go nowhere for years but within each other's sweet illusion of forever 

Let there be wine & song

amid the antiques of bronze 

& graveyard wrought Iron to contain our ride eternal   

His face 

He saw himself in ancient figures 

He saw the lifetimes roll & fade as waves upon a sea toward horizon 

He saw soldiers & heard faint battle cries 

His breast pocket was one letter full 

from a lover of a thousand leagues deep

He saw Rudolph Valentino behind glass    

Deep is the boredom 

As are the castle walls 

Saint Vincent wanders & watches & waits for seasons 

to waltz past his window 

A smoke to pass the time 

Oh Lover 

I linger here in the landscape of your beauty 

This poem will take forever

One of us will still be here when it's done  


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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