By: Eros

shannon marie ciortea


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Anita Asunción. This piece was created by my desire to connect with my Maternal ancestors, my love of my GreatGranmama who it is named for and my passion for knowing my past to better navigate my future. This piece draws on my ancestors culture through the use of Catholic milagros, bright colors and gold leaf-to convey our Hispanic roots. The deer bone is a nod to my grandfather who’s family has Native American ancestry-the deer is a powerful animal and this talisman is my gesture of love wanting to protect my family and memory. Love, I feel so much for the women that brought me here, respect and admiration. They were strong and resourceful. My great grandmother was a strong, a survivor who lost everything and never showed it, in her honor I made this piece, the frame, the hand stitching, a laborious piece, but meditative, as I stitched I thought of her and heard her voice, telling me to push further, be bolder, do more. My passion to connect to those I love, my desire to know where I am from is all here, in this one piece. Modern love to me is about knowing your past, learning your paths that got you to the point where you are-so that you can chose the better ways to love. Passion and desire are about connection. Wether connecting to your ancestors or your partner-connection is crucial. In order to connect, we need a clear understanding of who we are, what we are, what we want or don’t want-in order to best love and connect and feed the desire.  


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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