By: Eros

Victoria Taylor


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Pomegranates and stomachs, an exploration of women’s relationship to their bodies. An attempt of self love, and look into the complexity of that love.

Organs and Gems is a piece that considers the relationships mothers and daughters have. The relationship is soft and fragile and jagged and painful. These dynamics are complicated and important, they play such important roles in our lives. How can we exist with such pain in one of the greatest loves you have?

Whats happening is about toxic relationships. There can be a subtlety in the damage it does. There are so many highs and lows and it keeps you into its web. 

Something that every woman deals with is a repression of anger. We are told not to express these feelings, if we do we aren’t taken seriously. In a journey in embracing, accepting, and learning to love this assertive angry side of me I have created a series of these paintings called I Want to be a Bitch. Finding strength in the “bitchy” side if myself and allowing myself to grow.

This is another painting from the I Want to be a Bitch Series. These paintings depict angry taboo women, and are overlaid with the highlights of more feminine objects. These objects that have a connection to that femininity are beautiful but they abstract the real person that is there.  


The artwork comes with a Certification of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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