• From her beginnings in the mid-90s, Alexandra Duprez has developed an intuitive approach to drawing and painting, inspired by outsider art (art brut) and folk art. Her images conjure up a phantasmagorical, dreamlike world, populated by unsettling creatures, entangled shapes and multiplied eyes, somewhere between figuration and abstraction.

  • By adding and covering, layer after layer, the artist creates what she calls “shreds of images,” fragments of a story that is constantly being reinvented, with many ramifications. The eye wanders, as if into a metaphorical forest born of the artist’s unconscious. Her recurring motifs lead the way into the disquieting strangeness of her inner theatre.

    Born in 1974 in Quimper, Alexandra Duprez has lived and worked in Douarnenez for many years. She has devoted her time to painting since 1995.