In my paintings I explore not only what is visibly seen on the canvas but also what comes up in between my subjects. Transparent curtains unearth humans, plants, animals, and geometric patterns and the interplay between them. That's why you'll find these abrupt lines representing the different dimensions compelling the viewer to explore their own relation to each aspect.

The evolution of my paintings is truly labyrinthine. As an artist, my color palette is inspired by the rich tradition of Persian miniature art. This tradition has shaped my ability to tell complex narratives using elaborate symbolism. During my studies and time in the Western art world, I embraced the freedom of expression found in the Cobra movement, integrating it into my practice. Through a progressive fusion of compositional signs and uninhibited exploration of gestures, calligraphy, and layered elements, I deliberately move away from mere representation and avoid being confined to a simple illustration. This intentional approach breathes life into my works, offering viewers a more complex and ever-evolving experience. While my emblematic figures - childhood toys, carousels, whimsical vehicles, crocodiles, faces flirting with the grotesque, ethereal ghosts in vibrant colors, birds, fish, musicians, vases, flowers, dogs, and chariots - continue to appear, they become entangled in a whirlwind of lines and colors that infuse my paintings with undeniable vibrancy. However, my artistic evolution goes beyond the subjects I represent. It embraces the very essence of painting - its historical significance and contemporary relevance. I am committed to the challenge of incorporating elements from my personal education, imagination, and diverse cultural influences into a dialogue with the materiality of paint itself. This complex interaction gives rise to rich layers of meaning, inviting contemplation and evoking a sense of silence and absence within the painted spaces. At times, architecture merges with the human form, evoking fervor, rigidity, or an intriguing sense of otherness. Sensuality permeates my work, manifesting through energetic brushstrokes, vibrant colors, and fluid lines. Bodies intertwine on the surface of the painting, evoking the intermingling of childhood nostalgia and the dizzying depths of experience. Through this dance between eros and thanatos, my art becomes an ode to the power and vitality of color.