• Born in Kazakhstan - former Soviet Union - in a family of artists and cinematographers, Aziya’s works draws from her cultural legacy and her unique vision of women and social identities. Playing freely with traditional Kazak’s patterns and with a street art langage, Aziya explores through her paintings her own journey as a woman and immigrant.

  • In Aziya portraits, women are facing the viewer, defying it. Framed in the very center of the canvas, her subjects breathe confidence and dignity but also some sort of powerful vulnerability. Framed by traditional fabrics or tapestry motifs and by a pink spray painted frame, a play on spatial depth and time is engaged.
    Through representing women, Aziya leads us to explore different cultural and social identities.

    Aziya's work is a visual ode to the captivating stories that lie within each woman's soul.
    Aziya strives to create a space where their voices can resonate and their stories can unfold. Through her work, Aziya invites to witness the beauty and complexity of the feminine spirit, as well as to join her in celebrating the incredible diversity that defines our shared human experience.