• Melancholy has always been at the center of art history. For centuries, painters and sculptors played with representations of pensive river gods, mourning men or lonely souls lost in contemplation or young boys because it was fashionable to be melancholic. But are men really the sole locus of this peculiar and unbearable motion of the soul.

  • Alexandra Rouard with a remarkable craft and a singular approach challenges this canon. The painter offers a new vision of the solitude, seen and experienced by women.

    The collection consists of six portraits of women, and four painted plants. The palette is restrained to a few colors and tones, blue, mauve, grey, rose... A minimalism that accentuates the intimacy of the scenes. Around the figures of the young women, the sound of silence, but a soft and serene one.

    Alexandra Rouard has participated in numerous private and public exhibitions, mainly in France, but also abroad. She has exhibited at Art in the Capital at the Grand Palais (France) on several occasions, as well as in the United States.