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Kalan Sherrard

Reza Negrestani’s (W)hole : Nick Landmine

Reza Negrestani’s (W)hole : Nick Landmine

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Cement, nature, napalm

11" x 11" x 7.8" in

28 x 28 x 20 cm

Kalan Sherrard, an internationally renowned avant-garde artist, is known for his poetic and provocative performances that blend street theater, puppetry, and installations. Like the Dada artists who rejected the logic and aesthetics of capitalist society, Sherrard's work combines the most rigorous techniques of puppet artistry with an anarchist aesthetic of excess and transgression, where every object, waste, or scrap of fabric, and every word becomes a world. A double laureate of the Jim Henson Foundation for "Morphologie of XOS" and "Offal unstory," Sherrard's works have traveled to more than sixty countries across five continents. Currently on tour in Asia and the Pacific since October 2023, Sherrard recently gained widespread fame throughout Japan with a video of one of his performances, viewed over 44 million times on Twitter.


The artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.

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Tour. Raised in a small rainforest forest destroyed by contemporary corporations, xE became a student of comparative literature in the middle west, and in between meaningless arrests for anti/activism, began to develop a series of deranged theoretical performances on the underbelly of New Orleans and New York City, where xE has been working for over a decade: weird underground destruction dances, 20-hour-long pushes of huge trundling towers of grotesquery, cultish amalgams, sudden statuesque installations, public transit permutations, operas for animals and inanimate 'objects'.

A double grantee of the Jim Henson Foundation for the Morphology of XOS and Offal Unstory, xErr formally anarchic, non-narrative, adult-friendly puppet shows and Not-Happenings have ranged through sixty countries on five continents, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

xE is also a member of several collectives and groups, including Creatures from the Hole Poetry and Film Autocracy, Flotsam, Ningun Solicitar, and Lxs Huerfanos/Putos/Crios, and organizes a traveling Garbage Festival disrupting the ontology waste, as well as the global lift festival Elevate1, and has constructed living Machines to Make Changes in the World in Dili, Mexico City, and Troglobal.
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