"My painting is a pop nod to the works of the 19th century which evokes romanticism but which also expresses a tender look at the motives of young people very anchored in a contemporary era via their attitudes, their clothes, their haircuts."

However. it is a rock n roll romanticism, like young people coming out of nightclubs, disillusioned, sometimes haggard or arrogant. lively which makes them psychological and uncertain which is specific to our contemporary reality. the characters have in common a certain fragility, hesitant, lost or even arrogant as in adolescence. there is this tension which moves the characters and questions the viewer. The characters are either solitary or two, but the two are presented on the formal level by an axial composition distributed around a central void. two teenagers close to each other but without touching. can be frontal, almost provocative or lost in their moods. stories created in the mind of the viewer that only he knows. These young people, when they are not lost and lonely, sometimes come into direct contact with the viewer like a visual flirtation.