Jimmie James is a multifaceted artist, excelling in poetry, painting, acting, and also has been a singer/songwriter for the last 35 years. Hailing from Brooklyn, he has entrenched himself in New York City's vibrant art, theater, and music scene. His creative journey has led him to showcase his works at renowned galleries like 571 Projects, Andrea Schwartz Gallery, Boltax Gallery, and Thomas Werner Gallery. A luminary in the theatrical world, James has graced the works of distinguished figures such as Richard Maxwell, Christina Masciotti, Danny Hoch, and Susan Lori Parks, while also contributing compositions to the realms of theater and film, such as Seth Zvi Rosenfeld's "Everything's Turning into Beautiful" and Amos Poe's "Empire II." 

 In all his artistic pursuits, Jimmie James defies confinement, offering work that is both inviting and uncontainable. His trans-disciplinary approach is akin to that of a shaman, poet, and craftsman combined. By seamlessly intertwining paint, fiber, words, and imagery, he crafts pieces resembling tapestries on canvas and paper. These creations embody emotional sincerity and authenticity through their organic lines and thoughtful use of color. The resonance of Jimmie James' creations is evident in their presence within numerous private collections.  Having recently returned from successful exhibitions and performances in Japan, Thailand, and Spain, he currently calls Berlin his home, where his creativity continues to flourish.