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Eloi Derome

 Eloi DEROME lives and works in Paris.

He dismantles, deconstructs, and reconstructs painting by sculpting it. The painting takes the form of a contemporary bas-relief and a palimpsest (a manuscript from which the original writing has been erased). His work gives the sensation that one can traverse this universe of lines. It's a breakthrough into the landscape, allowing us to physically enter the painting, much like Alice entering the enigmatic world of Wonderland.

After studying Fine Arts, Eloi Derome pursued higher education in philosophy at the Sorbonne, as well as aesthetics and contemporary thought at Jussieu.

Today, he is represented by The Curators NY, Galerie Artgazette in London, Galerie 18 BIS in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, and Galerie Patrick Bartoli in Villeneuve-les-Avignon.

Since 2019, his work has been exhibited in Europe at Galerie Golsa in Oslo, Hotel de Paris in Berlin, and Galerie Agnès B in Paris, as well as in the United States at Velvet Ropes in Oakland and No Place Gallery in Columbus.