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Eloi Derome


Inspired by the European avant-garde movement CoBrA, Eloi Derome uses oil paint like a jazz musician. Lines, furrows, carvings, colors become notes and rhymes in vibrant compositions


February 2021 Finalist project VISIONS Publication and exposition with Broadmagazine - 2nd price Concours "The mask project" ​


December- january Exhibition Galearte Paris 2021 - Collective Exhibition NY The Hole NYC march 2020

Afro-Matisse is part of a selection of 197 artworks of renown artists, curated by Michael Schmidt-Ott, that will be auctioned for the benefit of Desideria Care e. V. on October 5th in Cologne by Sotheby's. The auction is a cooperation of several Rotary clubs from Vienna and Cologne, too. 

Find here more informations about the auction. and how to participate 

Also here is a link the the beautiful catalog Michael Schmidt-Ott edited after visiting more 150 artists in their studios.