• Born in 1985, Julien Bernard is a French artist who lives and works in Paris. His training as a dancer and then his career as a fashion photographer allowed him to explore the human figures, their surfaces, their sensuality, and their inner motion.

    Julien Bernard’s work constantly questions the human being and the place he occupies in society. His childhood spent in the French countryside is his first source of inspiration for this collection.

  • This new collection, Rude, has been produced in the artist’s hometown. It was essential for Bernard to root it in a familiar and rural environment.

    In an ever more urban world, rural communities face major challenges. Often unseen, invisible in the media, one can easily forget about their reality.

    How to adapt?

    How to adjust?

    How to recreate one's identity?

  • The apparent boldness and naivety of his aesthetic reflect Bernard's frontal approach to these questions. The vibrant colors and rich texture of his paintings all reflect the intensity of the characters that seem so vivid and real.

    With powerful strokes and bold colors, his portraits take us from joy to the deepest anguish, from doubt to playfulness, with remarkable ease. Behind each of these paintings lies the quest to recollect an identity.