La Madre

We invited the ceramist and sculptor Samantha Kerdine to create a dialogue with an artwork featured in the gallery. She chose “La Madre” by Daniela Theiler.

"I wanted to create a conversation between the canvas and my sculpture, bring the patterns to life in volume and explore the theme of motherhood. The softness and liveliness of the brush strokes come to life in volume and are transposed into my vase: roundness of the vase, imperfection of the handles. It is this encounter and this duality that i wanted to explore."

Samantha Kerdine is a French designer and ceramist currently based in Paris. Her works has been featured in La Romaine Editions (Paris, France)
The Ode to (Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden)
Lafayette Anticipations (Art Gallery, Paris, France)
I consider my objects as a medium to express my inner thoughts, full of imaginary landscapes & vivid dreams. Each piece is for me like a poem.

Barbara Penhouet (b.1990 in France) lives and works as a painter and architect. In her work, Barbara explores the themes of ephemerality and human intimacy.