It’s like telling a long lost fairy tale, fulfilling the prayer of these figures to not be forgotten, to keep existing. They come towards us with all their belonging from the past: gestures, clothes, imprisonment in a fading of colors that distances and yet preserves.

Davide Rondoni

Luca Giovagnoli's collection is an ode to his hometown, the legendary town of Rimini, which also served as Federico Fellini's known influence for many of his movies, evoking nostalgia and sensuality. In Luca Giovagnoli’s work emerges a strong sense of erotism and love. His work develops into two cycle, one linked to Rimini’s territory and one to the subject of sexuallity. Both cycles come together into an intimate flow setting the spectator into tenderness and desire.

Giovagnoli skillfully plays on the conventional postcard aesthetic, to subvert its norms. He deftly navigates the delicate balance between exhibitionism and voyeurism inherent in these cards. His characters teeter on the edge of visibility, simultaneously posing to be seen and yet concealing their identities. While the setting varies, from public beaches to sensual atmospheres in hotel rooms to Luca’s studio, each scene pulsates with an intriguing blend of allure and secrecy, inviting viewers to explore the intricate interplay between the seen and the hidden.