Marina Dorgan's paintings reflect parts of the female figure that, while highlighting the beauty of their composition, are erected in an almost political position: to demonstrate that the world would be much more beautiful if we dedicated ourselves "to looking at bodies without so many prejudices, without sexual connotation, with total and complete respect".

Today, showing off is a political act, a resistance to social norms that dictate how women must dress and behave. My paintings are Polaroids of everyday scenes. These women are self-confident and comfortable with their bodies. Their bikinis are the symbol of freedom, leisure and self-esteem. Women I paint aren't looking for attention, they don’t pose, they don't care about the viewer or about what we could think about them, they simply enjoy simple pleasures of sunbathing and idleness. When will the sexualization of the female body disappear?

My dream world is where legs, necklines, stomachs… are free, and no one cares. A world where seeing bits of skin is normalized, where sexualization of the female body has disappeared. A world where women are free from social pressure. I care for a positive image of women, sensual and natural.