• Born in 1995 in The Hague, Netherlands, Renske Linders has been residing in Paris since 2022, after obtaining her degree in Art & Culture from Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2021.

    Through her oil paintings, the artist captures intimate and flourishing moments, evoking love, rebirth, and exploration, all while consistently celebrating the feminine form. Through compositions imbued with softness and mystery, Renske's work conveys a message of hope and emancipation

  • June 2023 Double V Gallery, Art Residence, Marseille, France
    2022 - 2023 Poush Manifesto, Art Residence, Paris, France
    2021‘Femme Nue’ ,Form, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    2020 - 2022 Art Master,ErasmusRotterdam, Netherlands
    2019 ‘Colors of the Sea’, Ground Art Cafe, Cape Town, South Africa