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    It's a story of friendship. The story of two enthusiasts, passionate about the ocean, its waves and its lights. Two freedom-loving artists. Barely a teenager, Pandora Decoster is already going through the world, tossed from beach to beach. Very quickly, she met Thomas Campbell during a trip to California, the surfer filmmaker, photographer, sculptor, painter, brilliant artist with elegant and jazz-intoxicated lyricism, including films

    The Seeding and Sprout will quickly become cult films for several generations of surfers and artists. Pandora will be artist and Thomas will declare: “When I finally saw some of his work, I was like, ‘Wow. It’s great.’ There has a little psychedelic Matisse in there. It’s so evocative of the region of France where she comes from. She recognizes the sublime in her work, and this is largely what attracts me, whether in music or painting. It is rare that people can access it and
    operate correctly. If she is where she is now, at her age, imagine where she will go. It’s going to be sublime.”

  • Pandora is a painter with a poetic, sensual and enigmatic universe. She likes to paint slender, languorous and refined young women. Its palette of pastel colors contrasted by strong touches of black is a beautiful balance between minimalism and emotion. A lively style, almost instinctive, she prefers to simplify lines, purify and fill spaces with areas pastel color for a soft impression. And yet something never stops burning in these landscapes, something radiates beneath the sun or under the moon. Sweet and warm melancholy of the South West. It's a Basque story, the story of a town Ghéthary, scene of Decoster’s dreamlike portraits. Town of his childhood and fantasy city. Hence these vertiginous and Piranesian staircases plunging towards the coast, beyond above the Côte des Basques, between the Sainte-Eugénie crypt and the Old Port and the Rocher de la Virgin. These are sites in which the painter nestles her figures like a jewel in a box. These women are beautiful, serene. Joséphine, Farielle, Johanna, Victoria… works like poems.

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“I have been looking at and tasting Pandora's painting for several years now Decoster. And not only because his paintings depict a southwest to which I am very
attached. I love the deeply original visions that the artist brings to life, and the form that they take. Taste, I think that’s the right term. Because these works in appeal to all the senses, they are truly synesthetic. The pastel tones that the artist displays on the canvas are soothing, she needs this tranquility, but they also remind me of something, something sweet, and in particular the Russian, this praline pastry, originating from Oloron Sainte Marie, which we taste in the Basque Country, notably at the Miremont tea room in Biarritz.”

Richard Leydier, art critic and editor-in-chief of artpress,