Sophie Neuendorf

The Curators have invited Sophie Neuendorff to curate a correspondence between two contemporary painters.  
Sophie selected Astral Reflections by Tunji Adeniyi-Jones and La Cage by Barbara Penhouet.

From the dancing fugue of a female figure in Tunji Adeniyi-Jones's artwork to the iridescent birds seemingly ensnared in Barbara Penhouet's open cage painting, one witnesses a captivating conversation about the lightness of being. Both works eloquently express a delicate yet fervent desire to break free, to transcend, and to take flight.

Tunji Adeniyi-Jones  (b. 1982 in the UK) lives and works in the USA. His practice is inspired by the ancient history of West Africa and its attendant mythology, and by his Yoruba heritage.

Barbara Penhouet (b.1990 in France) lives and works as a painter and architect. In her work, Barbara explores the themes of ephemerality and human intimacy.