• Q. Tell us about yourself and how you came to be an artist…

  • A. I’m a French colorful artist and muralist based in Paris. As far as I remember I’ve always been a creative person (especially as a kid) but  my art journey really began when I started to feel trapped in my life after completing my studies. I felt stuck, my job was boring, devoid of any form of expression. I suddenly remembered what made me really happy earlier in life and took back my pencils and brushes! 

  • Q. Your main character trait?

  • A. Curiosity. Always seeking for new adventures. 

  • Q. Describe your work in three words…

  • A. Vibrant, emotive, enchanted. 

  • Q. What is your creative process?

  • A. My creative process involves starting with a burst of inspiration - a bit of meditation - then sketching, adding colors, and layering emotions onto the canvas. 

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  • Q. Your favorite color?

  • A. Only one? It’s just too hard ! 

"My dream of happiness is to create art that resonates with people and bring them joy. "

  • Q. Are you experiencing any blocks in your practice right now ?

  • A. Luckily, I’m not. But it happened it the past and you just have to let it go. 

  • Q. Who are some contemporaries or figures in art history who have influenced you?

  • A. Henri Matisse, Frida Kahlo, Steven F. Arnold - and also Wes Anderson. 

  • Q. Has your origins influenced your practice ? 

  • A. I would say I don’t have a particular connection to as specific place or culture. It’s more my movements and travels that inspire me. 

  • Q. What makes you laugh ? 

  • A. Laughter for me comes from the unexpected. 

  • A. What you enjoy the most about your friends ? 

  • Q. Their unconditional support since day one. I also have the privilege of being surrounded by a whole community of incredibly powerful and inspiring creative women. 

  • Q. Your dream of happiness?

  • A. I’m already happy, but always dreaming of nature, peace of mind, pretty things!

  • Q. What makes you excited about the future?

  • A. Upcoming projects, possible outcomes, travel ideas.

  • Q. Current state of mind ?

  • A. Excited and impatient!

  • Q. Are you experiencing any blocks in you practice right now ?

  • A. Strangely it’s flowing quite well right now, but experiencing blocks is just another part of the
    creating process, is absolutely necessary, its uncomfortable but is what shows you the path. In fact
    everything is going so smoothly right now at the studio, I have to enjoy it because as soon as I start
    getting too comfortable and repeating myself I know I need to change direction.