Leona Rose is a painter, a muralist but overall a visual storyteller, based in France. Her work is a vibrant mixture of vivid pigments, textures and joyful shapes and animals. Leona’s work is rooted in folk art and influenced by her physical and spiritual voyages, combined into a delightful fusion of color and patterns. She crafts narratives on canvas and paper that invite us into an enchanting and mystical world. She extends her creativity to playful interior design, illustrations and art objects featuring her optimistic message all around the world.

Leona created this dream-inspired series as a collection of narratives: memories of dreams, both nocturnal and daytime. She transcribes them directly upon waking, in a process of creative, spontaneous, and automatic writing, which she then translates onto paper, using vibrant colors. This dreamlike series is intimately connected to the artist's emotions, desires, passions, and even her struggles. In it, she delves into the depths of her subconscious, combining elements unrelated to reality and revisiting her favorite themes: the sun, light, magic, and esotericism. Finally, she draws endless inspiration from her dreams, where reason holds no sway, and chance reigns supreme.

In the Studio with Leona Rose

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