• Aliya Abs created this exclusive collection from her memories of her stay in Paris. Her subjects are often depicted in vintage or historical settings, and the absence of facial features allows viewers to project their own emotions and interpretations onto the figures. Fragmented, childish, colorful, Aliya Abs' compositions breathe a sense of soft melancholy, a delicate perfume of temps perdu. Young girls are awkwardly posing, unsure of their postures, unsure of the game they should be supposed to play.

  • There is something of an endless afternoon in the middle of August, something of the last and uneasy moments preceding adult life. Her subtle and elegant brushstrokes depict, in just a few lines, the allure of these precious and universal moments.

    Something is about to form, to transform, to get solid, to become reality, but not yet, no, not yet.
    Aliya Abs lives and works in Munich, Germany. Born in Kharkiw, Ukraine, she completed her master's degrees at the National Academy of Arts in Lviv, Ukraine.

In the Studio with Aliya Abs

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