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The Mask Project


We all have to live behind it...
Let's make it art !

A prestigious jury

$ 3000 cash prizes

Professional exposure
20 works published and exhibited

6 winners

The Curators invites contemporary visual artists from all over the world to a competition chaired by eminent personalities and magazines from the arts, fashion and design industries. 


Limited Edition & Original

DEADLINE                      July 20, 2020 12 AM 

Submission fee : $20 

Fees goes towards supporting the competition and the Equal Justice Initiative.

Each submitted artwork is featured in THE MASK PROJECT GALLERY and listed for the public to vote.

FIRST ROUND :   10 finalists per category will be chosen by the public.

FINAL ROUND :   3 winners per category will be selected by the JURY.


Collection of product

SPECIAL PRIZE by The Pink Lemonade

Our guest curator will be choosing his favorite mask and feature it on his Instagram  (1.8 M followers).


Lisa John

Asli Yilmazturk

Founder of Arts X Design

Lisa John

Andrea Berretta

Founder of Picame

Lisa John

Sarah-Eve Leduc

Founder of Flanelle Magazine

Lisa John

Carina Shoshtary

Curator @FashionforBankRobbers

Lisa John

Erika Astrid

Founder of The Kunst Magazine

Lisa John

Jym Davis

Mask Maker - Curator @_false_face

Lisa John

Albert Riera Galceran

Founder of Emergent Magazine

Lisa John

Vera Bertran

Founder of Contemporary Art Collectors

Lisa John

Jacob Johnson

Founder of My Art is Real Magazine

Lisa John

Marie-Eve Rose

Editor-in-chief of Haute Punch Magazine

Lisa John

Delphine Diallo


Lisa John

Alejandro Reyes

Founder of Sicky Magazine