Braw Haus: “Brush and Pixel Ballet”

Braw Haus proudly presents the work of Kenichi Yoneda, also known as KYND, in our latest curation. KYND's distinctive approach to digital art, skillfully blending traditional illustration techniques with motion, perfectly resonates with our commitment to exploring unconventional digital creations. Embodying an ethos of out-of-the-box experimentation and a pursuit of artistic expressions through technology, KYND's work explores the intricate interplay between computer algorithms, handcrafted aesthetics, and physical phenomena. As a visual powerhouse, Braw Haus acknowledges KYND not only for his unique style but also for his inventive spirit, positioning him as an ideal collaborator in shaping the innovative landscape of digital art.

Braw Haus, established in 2018 by Patricia Gloum and Justine Vilgrain, operates as a digital talent representation agency with a focus on elevating global digital artists. Collaborating with a diverse network of over 380 artists, we engage in various projects, from art installations and curated exhibitions to commercials and strategic brand partnerships. With a global presence in Paris, New York, and Athens, Braw Haus is committed to expanding the possibilities of digital creativity and establishing itself as a key player in the field.