Dialog between Marijana Jankovic & Fleur Helluin

“Pools of Enchantment” curated by Eugenia Durandy

Enigmatic Interplay: Marijana Jankovic’s mysterious carpet engages with Fleur Helluin’s vibrant painting, where the mundane and the ethereal entwine, birthing a nostalgic dreamland.

With 5 years in the industry, Eugenia Durandy has been working as an independent art dealer, artist manager, and curator with a variety of artists, galleries, and institutions, organizing and curating exhibitions. She specializes in emerging figurative painting and monumental sculpture.

Marijana Jankovic is a self-taught artist coming from Serbia. Her carpets, handmade in wool, and exploring pop culture in general as well as dreams and visions, strike by the tension between their often apparent naive motifs and the actual hard, patient work that is needed to produce them. 

The creations of Fleur Helluin take the form of paintings, sculptures,installations and performative installations. Fleur Helluin's work has been displayed in institutional and commercial spacesin France (Galerie Duchamp), Germany (AKA Galerie), Switzerland (Théâtre deMonthey), the United States (Tussle Projects), and in Belgium (L’Approche artcentre), and is represented by the Red-D gallery in Greece.