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Iwo Zaniewski

Iwo Zaniewski (b. 1956) is a Polish painter, photographer, director and artistic director of PZL advertising agency. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1981 and won the Grand Prix at the Joan Miró Foundation International Competition in Barcelona, Spain in 1984. Iwo Zaniewski works primarily with traditional oil painting and drawing. The artist’s works reflect a distinct sensitivity to the ordinary and celebrate moments and scenes of everyday life. His voluminous oeuvre can be divided into classical subject matter, namely: portraits and self-portraits, still life, interiors, and landscapes.

After conducting extensive theoretical and practical research with visual psychologists and neurologists, Iwo Zaniewski is now considered the first person in the world to have described the mechanism governing visual harmony. His paintings are included in private and public collections in Europe, USA, Mexico, China, and Japan.

Samantha Kerdine is a French designer and ceramist currently based in Paris. Her works has been featured in La Romaine Editions (Paris, France)
The Ode to (Art Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden)
Lafayette Anticipations (Art Gallery, Paris, France)
I consider my objects as a medium to express my inner thoughts, full of imaginary landscapes & vivid dreams. Each piece is for me like a poem.

Barbara Penhouet (b.1990 in France) lives and works as a painter and architect. In her work, Barbara explores the themes of ephemerality and human intimacy.