Jenya Datsko

Jenya Datsko is a painter based in Valencia (Spain). Her works captures moments of loneliness and melancholy that at the same time radiate a mysterious and fascinating beauty. Through a soft colour palette and the recurring presence of female figures in various spaces, Datsko invites the viewer to reflect on human nature and the complexity of emotions.

Artist perceives these women as symbols of strength and determination in their pursuit of establishing genuine connections. By being alone, or silent in the presence of others, they are liberated from external influence and can fully explore their own identity and purpose.

The recurring presence of flowers in the artist's paintings can be interpreted as a metaphor for the fragility of life, ephemeral beauty, as a source of hope and joy. In this way, flowers can be seen as a symbol of life itself, which has moments of sadness and happiness, of fragility and renewal, and which reminds us that it is important to enjoy the moments of happiness while they are present, as they can fade quickly.