Natali Brichuk

A Ukrainian based artist, began her professional career in 2016. Since that time, she has developed her own style and vision of beauty. The prominent features of both her drawings and paintings are lightness, suddenness and audacity. The artist often seeks inspiration in Ukrainian traditions and folk. The artist tries to frame folk motives in an abstract form.

Stains are beginning to appear in the work instead of a restrained and more assertive line. They convey emotionality and the unprotected and shaky state more deeply. The colors that emerge in painting are even more immersed in the sharp inner sensations as a reflection on current events. The uncontrollability of the situation leads the artist to search for new forms. Departure from restraint and ornamentation.

Natalia’s art captures the delicate essence of a world marked by the realities of war. The figures in her art are not mere creations of fantasy; they are recurring symbols in her daily life, representing a sense of continuity amidst disorder.

Her depiction of ordinary acts, such as buying flowers or engaging with locals, symbolizes anchors of stability and hope in her unstable environment. These everyday moments become pillars of endurance and optimism. The symbolic female figures in her paintings echo her journey and the collective desire to reconnect with our roots and forgotten memories. Through her art, she vividly portrays the enduring spirit of her homeland, illustrating how everyday moments and people can become emblems of resilience and comfort in times of adversity