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Tant is a self thought artist, quarter from the Broken Fingaz crew, born and raised In a small commune on the Carmel mountain, Haifa, Israel. He is currently based in Tel-Aviv.

His work inspired by human body, sex, death, nature, old packaging designJapanese prints, Modernists painters and African Brazilian culture.  Starting out by painting graffiti on the streets and designing posters and graphics for local music events.

His work now encompasses painting, print making, murals, animation and installation. 

Tant’s work crew was presented together with the Broken Fingaz crew at exhibitions at Israel’s most important institutes: the Tel Aviv Museum (2011) and the Haifa Museum of Art (2010), and at exhibitions around the world include: The Old Truman Brewery, London, (Crazy Eye Hotel, 2012) Inoperable, Vienna (BFC in Vienna, 2012), Andenken Gallery, Amsterdam (BFC in Amsterdam, 2013,) Urban Spree, Berlin (Bottleneck, 2013), MEN Gallery, London, (Sex Picnic, 2014), Howard Griffin Gallery, Los Angeles (Journey Galaticko, 2015) and Varsi Gallery (Reality Check 2016, Safe Troubles, 2019). The crew have produced few stop motion videos, including 3 music videos for legendary band U2 (American Soul, 2019, Get out of your on way, 2019 and Love is bigger then Anything in its way, 2019) Broken Fingaz public murals can be seen on the streets of cities in China, Japan, Cambodia, Brazil, Israel, UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Mexico and more.