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Vladimir Sinusik

Vladimir was born in 1991, in Cherkassi, Ukraine. He lives and work in Poland, Gdansk. In 2012 he has graduated in design. Starting from 2011, he perpetually took part in local exhibitions. He has also organized an exhibition for Young Artists in his city. In May 2018, Vladimir had a solo show at The Brick Lane Gallery, in London.

Afro-Matisse is part of a selection of 197 artworks of renown artists, curated by Michael Schmidt-Ott, that will be auctioned for the benefit of Desideria Care e. V. on October 5th in Cologne by Sotheby's. The auction is a cooperation of several Rotary clubs from Vienna and Cologne, too. 

Find here more informations about the auction. and how to participate 

Also here is a link the the beautiful catalog Michael Schmidt-Ott edited after visiting more 150 artists in their studios.