Designed as a tool and a source of inspiration for artists and art lovers, the Journal plays on unexpected correspondances between the ancient and the contemporary, the written and the visual. It exhibits works of unbridled creativity through a lavish, playful and refined narrative.

At the crossroad of a notebook and an art book, The Curators Journal shares an intimate journey through literature and art history, a singular, baroque and quirky one. By confronting the works of established and emerging artists to extracts of literary giants, it creates a startling dialogue between eras and continents.




We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Anaïs Nin

...Or as we secretly want to be...treated, desired, viewed, touched, adored, violated, loved, fucked, kissed, held, worshipped, caressed, seduced, hurt, restrained, entered, torn apart, made whole again.

Eros, the Greek deity of love, the complex and shape shifting figure of passion that drives about everything, and tricks us in an endless game of hide-and-seek.

Which shape does Eros is taking nowadays? How does contemporary artists play with desire and intimacy? How does one portray love in the 21st century? Featuring passages from texts by Sarah Kane, Georges Bataille, Anaïs Nin, Jean Genet, Anne Carson or Aristophanes, this issue explores the many disguises of Eros and the arts of love.


Among the contributors:

Natalie Krim, Zeh Palito, Pixy Liao,
Gideon Rubin, Thomas Levy-Lasne, Frederic Monceau, Delia Hamer, Jeremy Lipking, Anne-Sophie Tschiegg, Tina Maria Elena, Paul Rousteau, Abel Burger, Kwesi Botchway, Simon Buret, Julien Langerdorff, Alina Gross, Shaoqi Hu, Luigi Miano, Jocelyn Lee, Zandile Tshabalala