In Between

  • 03.21 - 04.14.2024

    An ode to the embrace, to its power and its fragility.

    An intimate theater that brings together the sculptor and painter Eva Claessens and the photographer Bérangère Fromont. The embrace, an in-between, a space with uncertain contours, where the bodies are both one and the other as well as an intermediate, ambiguous time, a sign of beginnings and endings.

    A shared attention to gestures and vulnerability guides both artists, feeling rather than defining, exploring human relationships and the in-between spaces that exist between individuals and forms of representation.

  • Eva Claessens works with models, couples in constant movement; from his sketches emerge paintings and sculptures. His work is marked by a constant play on the passages, the canvases vibrate, float, become sculptures. It’s about measuring one’s gesture by time, by its flight, by exploring its fragilities.

    Bérangère Fromont uses photography as both a medium of revelation and resistance, weaving together love and revolution. The photographs presented here are taken from the book “Love alone will break our hearts”, published by Delpire. The result of work on the nocturnal loves of the lesbian community, Bérangère Fromont questions the relationship between the other and their image.