Victoria Glinkina

Youth, love, freshness of impression, a feeling of happiness, a moment – there is nothing more valuable and more fleeting, elusive. These things cannot be held,
appropriated, grasped by ordering time and the flow of life to slow down.

Spontaneity and naturalness are the associations that arise when you get acquainted with her works. Victoria was born in 1999 in the city of Seversk, where she spent her youth. 

In her paintings Victoria Glinkina explores reality in its more elusive quality, its radiance. With the help of subtle tone and color changes, Glinkina creates images that look more like warm memories of objects, people, and rooms than the real things themselves. Most of the works give the impression of "sketchiness", even if the work on them lasted a very long time. It is fundamentally important for the author to preserve this feeling of freshness of the impression. 


It is the flair of the colorist that allows the artist to achieve such a life-giving effect. She is not constrained by academic boundaries, her painting looks free. The professional base, combined with a particularly developed creative intuition, allows Victoria create her own worlds in which light, colors and their harmony triumph.